At Skin Tea, we introduce the path of cha into skincare and turn your obligatory soulless skincare routine into a ceremony that celebrates your own kind of beauty.
Because skincare is not about rushing into results with lab manufactured products.
Because skincare is not just what you put on your skin but also involves care from the inside.
Because skincare is about ignoring beauty standards and embracing your own.
You deserve a relaxing, freeing natural skincare ritual. You deserve the path of cha.

What is the path of cha?
The path of cha is a ceremonious appreciation of tea preparation, its distinctive aroma, appearance, and taste. As you savor and enjoy the tea, you empty your mind and embody calmness and serenity.
That is what we want you to experience whenever you sit in front of your vanity and use our products – peace of mind, calmness, and serenity. We do not want you to take care of your skin just because society dictates that you do. We want you to de-stress, enjoy the moment, and as you do, achieve better results.

We promise a holistic experience of using natural tea-infused skincare to define your kind of beauty.

We say it loud and proud
We only use the best Oolong tea selection from Alishan, Taiwan. Several research studies have shown that tea grown from this high-altitude region are richer in polyphenol, vitamin C, pectin,and catechin and produces a natural herbal extract that is gentle and non-irritating, suitable for delicate skin.

We continue to create
Inspired by time-honored East Asian skincare secrets, we continue to harness the nutritional properties of Oolong to create skincare products that are gentler and more effective, worthy to be applied to your skin.